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West Bengal Computer Academy (WBCA) is an Autonomous Institute for Computer Education and Information Science. A provider of computer education for over few years, we offer a Certificate,Diploma,Advanced Diploma and Job Oriented programs in Computer and Information Systems as well an extensive Graduate and Post-Graduate programs that allows students to acquire training more quickly in a more focused specialty.

The campus is located in many more places in West Bengal, India. We are also very near in Garia, Kolkata Campus. All the sites, which offer an extensive range of social and cultural amenities, are accessible to our students through public transportation.

WBCA also offers online admission for students living out of state and for local students unable to attend on-site at the right moment. This option is available both to all the students. Our online program has the same demanding standards, content and requirements as the onsite program. Experience has shown that this option is best suited to well-motivated students who are able to study independently.

Applicants will note that our Course Fees are very affordable. Once admitted, they will find small classes and a friendly, casual atmosphere. Thus our students enjoy personal attention in classes with a favorable student-to-faculty ratio. Our fulltime faculty all hold IT Experienced and well known academic degrees, and our adjunct instructors have advanced degrees as well.

The West Bengal Computer Academy sought to create a private, not-for-profit facility that would allow small numbers of students to acquire professional training and thereby extend progress in the field of Information Technology. We our proud to be carrying on that tradition in the first decade of the twenty-first century.

The West Bengal Computer Academy has introduced the courses in such a manner that the student from Class V to the student from Post-Graduation can participate in our WBCA.There are lots of courses such as Certificate, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Major/Minor Live Projects and also Professional Courses. Also there are the courses for the Service/Job holders. So rush up to the nearest WBCA Study Center.